Gideon, the honest mighty man of valor.

Have you ever been afraid to be honest with God, to tell Him how you really feel about something? To be honest about your lack of faith or questioning of His promises, to admit you feel let down?

The Angel of the LORD called Gideon a mighty man of valor, a hero, a warrior. Gideon's response? Well, he kind of responded with a big, "Why me?" With all respect to the LORD, Gideon points out several things that are bothering him:

- If God is for me, how can all of this bad stuff be happening?
- Where is God's power and sovereignty in my circumstance?
- I feel forsaken, I look forsaken. Where is God?

Wow. Dare we be so honest? Even to the LORD's face? That is a scary thought, at best.

Gideon knew God was real. He understood God's promises; but he was missing something. He didn't understand who he was and what God had planned for him. He was like us - or us like him.

Yet the LORD encourages us just as He encouraged Gideon. Go in the strength you have and do what God has called you to do. You may feel weak and inadequate, but God is with you. He sends you.

Gideon was called to task despite his doubts, despite his low self-esteem, despite his questioning the LORD. Funny how God calls the weak with all of their doubts, low position, self-esteem issues. He calls us from our hiding.

Today, be honest with God, in all respect ("Pardon me, my LORD ...") Lay it on the table before God. The scripture says God has taken the simple, the unwise to shame those who go around in their own strength. God is opposed to the proud - to those who are strong in themselves. But He gives grace to the humble.

And remember, the reassurances of the LORD. His words, "I will be with you ..." And He will deal with all the junk in our lives. Not because of us, but because He is God and He loves you, you mighty one of valor!


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