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Ifsand Buts
I once had someone tell me that I should stick to playing piano and not sing. It was said very nicely, but still, when you lead worship and someone tells you your voice is not where your gifting is, it hurts.

God has called each one of His children to task. He's prepared good things for us to do, not because He needs slaves, but because He loves to make people happy. You do something good for someone and not only are they happy, you are also happy. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I think most of us have heard that, even outside of the context of church or scripture.

It's true.

There is much good to do in this world, and many hands available, but it seems there are so few who actually jump into the mess to help clean it up. Why? Maybe we're like Moses, called to speak, but not a good speaker.

Remember the story? The LORD calls to Moses from a burning bush and tells him to go and speak to the king of Egypt, to Pharaoh himself. Moses' response?

Moses s…
An Adventure
God has got us on an adventure. And that's a perspective. In this life, we can look at our challenges as difficulties, the Murphy's law attitude, or, we can embrace the promises of God and see our difficulties and plan changes as what they really are for the child of God - adventures. As Chuck Swindoll said so succinctly, "life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it". True.

The delayed flight, the cancelled appointment, the unexpected surgery. Our challenges are many and varied. Yet God has a hand in them all; they are a part of this grand adventure the child of God finds himself on.

My wife and I were recently scheduled to fly to Manila. We packed. We prepared. We arrived at the airport early. We were denied check-in. I was denied check-in. A big mess- up on the ticket. The name on my passport didn't match the name on my ticket and the ticket had to be re-issued with the correct information. That was confirmed by the airlines as being done…
Hidden away in every living thing is a genetic plan; a blue print holding the design of a finished product. From a frog to an oak tree, from a squirrel to a rose, from a bird to a human; inside each of these resides the genetic material that instructs an organism how to grow and reproduce. Inside what starts out as a small and vulnerable creature, lies the instructions to carry that creature to its full destiny - a road map to its purpose and maturity. 

I took a walk in the woods recently. Surrounding me were tall, immovable pine trees. Their strength was massive and I had to strain my neck to see the end of their height. They are impressive creations. But they don't start that way; their beginnings are far less remarkable.

With barely a thought, I could easily bend or even uproot a pine sapling. It rises insignificantly above the forest floor; threat-less and barely worth a glance. It is cute. It is soft. But what it starts off as is barely an indication of what it is to become.…