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God is in the business of transformation.

At a wedding feast, when the wine had run out, Jesus transformed 120 to 180 gallons of water into between 600 and 900 bottles of wine; a very generous transformation. God is generous in His transformations. Simon, whom Jesus would name Peter, began his lifelong transformation from Simon the man to Peter the rock. God is in the business of transforming people. People do change; when God is involved.

Years ago, God had put a thought on my heart, an impression, that He would be about the work of changing me, of transforming me into a new man, the man I desired to be. Shortly after this divine inspiration, my wife and I bought a new car, and with it we were issued a new license plate. The license plate was, for me, heavenly confirmation of what God had promised. 3777TI.

In scripture, three is a number of change. Jonah spent three days in the belly of a whale being transformed by God into a willing servant. Jesus spent three days in the belly of the e…
The Wastefulness of Worry
We all do it; at least from time to time. And speaking of time, worry wastes time. Time is a precious asset given in limited portions to each of us. Worry steals that time, consumes it. Worry is wart on our apportioned time. It steals the beauty of life and draws the eye to its ugliness.

But we don't need to worry, and God is out to prove that.

There are so many things that can concern us. Will my flight be cancelled because of this snow? Will my luggage be stolen? Will I get into a car accident? Did I fill out that customs form correctly? Did I choose the right hotel? Question piles upon question. Not that these things never happen. They can. But to worry about them is where the mistake begins. Worry takes a simple question, a concern, and brings it to the forefront of our mind, branding it there for us to see continuously. What an annoyance.

Oh, and how about this one, will I be stuck in the town of Bath, England with no way to get back to my hotel because …