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Treasured Possession
God chose Israel as His treasured possession. - Psalm 135:4

Great art is not supposed to be used as a commonplace item. Can you picture the Mona Lisa being used casually as a serving tray? Or the sculpture of David by Michelangelo as a coat-rack with scarves and windbreakers strewn all over it? Picture a rare Ming vase being used to serve summer cool-aid. Ridiculous. Out of place. Nonsensical.

Commonness avoids such great works. And commonness avoids you because that is what you are - a great work of art.

Scripture shows us that God has placed a great value on us, much like the value we would place on a great work of art. So much so, that He was willing to pay any price to purchase us. In the story of life, we were stolen by an evil art thief. With single caper, he took what was most valuable to our Maker - us. And that thief has tried to diminish our value through the centuries via wars, self-deprecation, suicide, low self-esteem; this list goes on and on.

But we are …
No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.

How do those words strike you? Do they invoke feelings of envy or want? Do they make you feel deprived, or that you are appointed to be missing something? Or do they bring relief; relief from the pressure to perform, to achieve, to have?

The way you respond to that statement determines the amount of suffering you will endure. We all go through seasons in our lives. For everything there is a season. And there is purpose in our seasons. But seasons come to an end; and with good reason. God has a purpose, and it is helpful for us to remember that it is not about us. 

John the baptist understood this.

When Jesus came on the scene, he didn't gripe or grab tightly to his ministry. He didn't view Jesus as the competition. He understood. He understood that the purpose God had for him was coming to an end. And he was good with that. In fact, he even rejoiced in it. His attitude was right.

In our lives we will go through sea…
What is so appealing about walking in the quiet and solitude of the woods, or visiting the untouched beauty of a nature reserve? What in us is being touched when we take in the beauty of the Grand Canyon or gaze at the wonder of the Rocky Mountains? Why does our soul feel soothed when a gentle breeze lightly caresses our skin as the song of morning birds echo each other? There is something about nature in its raw, untouched form that impacts most of us.

Recently I saw a river cutting through canyon walls draped with vines and wallpapered with moss and it stirred in me that very question; what is so drawing and deep reaching about nature untouched? 

Beauty unscathed, unmarked and pure, brings us back to the garden. The garden of Eden, where innocence was born and where innocence was lost. Here abides something we all long for, the un-tampered signature of God.

Beauty has been stolen from us. We begin with life in its purest form, the perfection of a new born baby. But corruption …
Waiting is Hard

The society we live in today makes little allowance for waiting. We are taught to expect all things are for our good, as opposed to all things work together for our good. There's a difference. One provides instant gratification, the other takes time. There seems to be an attitude floating around today; one of entitlement, demanding that what I want is what I need - now. The right to pursue happiness has become the right to demand my own way.

The young person who struggles with patience and life's journey of waiting almost can't be blamed for their struggle. This is what they've grown up with. It is what they see all around them. American Idols rising almost instantly to success. A free order at Starbuck's if the drive-through service takes too long. Instant food and almost instant stomach aches. In general, we've been geared up to get what we expect and expect it quickly.

Waiting is hard.

But God leads us in a good way. He says, be patient, wait upo…