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Buddy, come!

We took the dog for a walk this past weekend. He loves walks. If a dog has favorite things, going on a walk would be right at the top of his list. That, along with treats and trash (and not getting dealt with for eating the trash).

Dogs like walks because it brings them back to their roots; who they are. Freedom. Exploration. Raw nature. Dogs love that. In fact, dogs love that so much, that their nature can take over and all domestic training, whoosh, goes out the door. It amazes and frustrates me at the same time, that when I call to our dog he can completely ignore me. That same dog who listens very well inside the house, suddenly becomes oblivious to my callings outside.

For this, i know of only one solution. I found my self having to get the dog's attention (I had to go to where he was). Once I had his attention, I could work with him. And so there I was, this poor animal being denied of his un-boundaried freedom, making him sit until I gave him the order to go. And …
No More

We walk into a store, heading straight for the sale item, holding our coupon; excited to get such a good deal on something we've been wanting for at least a month or more. But when we get there, the item is gone - no more left.

It happens often. No more cappuccino muffins at the bakery. No more fresh coffee; it's too close to closing time. No more money to pay the bills. No more, no more, no more. But what if I told you that the two most beautiful words I heard today were "No More"?

What if I told you that those words actually bring hope and not disappointment? Freedom and not frustration. Joy and not sadness.

Today especially I look to those words. Today they've taken on special meaning and provided strength. Today has caused me to look to those words for hope, freedom, and joy.

No more.

What did He say? Do you remember? No more sorrow. No more tears. No more loss. No more broken, no more ... For those of us who are the forerunners, who have taken the journey …

I have heard that as we grow older, our thirst lessens. We  lose the natural drive to keep hydrated. What once was automatic now must become habit if we are going to keep from being dehydrated. And so it is in the spiritual realm.

We must take the time to take a drink from the Living Water. Perhaps it's seasonal. Our desire for Him diminishes. And so we must come to the realization that our time with Him must be by appointment and not "natural" desire. 

It's easy to put aside our time with God. Life gets busy. But as David said, "My heart and my flesh cry out for You, the Living God." No matter how we may feel, the fact remains - we thirst for Him. We must drink.

Some seasons necessitate this; disciplined to drink. It's not an indication of our spiritual condition necessarily; it's more likely life getting in the way, crowding Him out, keeping us too busy.

He invites us; come, all who are thirsty. A reminder. we need to drink deeply. As I contin…
No Price Tag

As I was walking out of my bedroom several days ago, ready to delve into things and face the day, I noticed a sticky note above my light switch; a gift left there anonymously by a kind and thoughtful child.

This note was a reminder; a reminder of one of the most precious and treasured gifts any man or woman could ever know. A reminder of a free gift. But how could something so desired be free? How could one of the most highly sought after commodities come with no price tag?

We will buy a varied multitude of items and purchase a whole cacophony of things to gain this one treasured item. A new crystal clear flat screen TV that displays images more vividly than real life. Extravagant cruises and extended weekends away. Jewelry, clothes, books, the list goes on and on. All of this to find this one element present in our lives.

We see counselors to reconcile our past and our relationships so that we can feel we have grasped this illusive treasure. We strive to stop striving, we wo…

I love to minister at church, whether it's acting or leading in worship. And I believe that a bond can be built between people that labor together for Jesus. There is a fellowship, a camaraderie; something good gets built between two people who work and minister together.

But recently I've seen something that builds an even stronger tie; something that creates a closeness that working together doesn't create.

Playing together.

Picture this: me, almost fifty, with my pastor (over fifty), riding a knee-board (normally used in summer water sports), being pulled by a four wheeler over an ice and snow-covered lake. Now, that's fun. That'll bond two guys together for sure.

Doing seventy on a snowmobile. Wiping out on the knee-board (yes, we both wiped out, and I have the bruises to prove it.)

It was a funny thing; how this all came about. I had a choice. Would I sit on the couch (lazy Sunday), or get up and get out. I chose to get up, but I didn't know I would be snow…