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The Overabundance of Grace

Here's a quick look, a bite-sized study, into some of what Paul had to say about grace and redemption in his letter to the Ephesians. In this studyette, you'll see the Greek definitions for several key words in this scripture. These definitions will highlight and bring depth to an already amazing gift. Put on your study hats (and study hearts). I pray the Holy Spirit will guide your thoughts and inspire you as you read on ...

Ephesians 1:7-8
(ESV) In him we have redemption (629) through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches (4149) of his grace (5485), which he lavished (4052) upon us, in all wisdom and insight

629 apolutrosis ἀπολύτρωσιν
Ransom in full. Acquire, redeem, redemption, release.

Think about it, we are -

released from guilt
released from debt
released from sin
released from bondage
released from shame
released from abandonment

4149 ploutos πλοῦτος
From 4130, wealth, flow, plunge, launder, clean. (literal) money, po…
An underlying culture exists in America today, a pattern of thought that says, "At all costs, avoid pain." And we, as the church, must take care to not let our understanding of scripture be shaped or influenced by such a world view. For from this culture we have seen such pseudo-spiritual doctrines as "name it and claim it" spring up to entice the body of Christ. We’ve incorrectly divided scriptures such as "By His wounds we are healed" to wrongly mean that we shall never suffer disease of any kind. Yet it was the disease of sin that was defeated on the cross. Comfort is king in our "now" society and we must take care that we don't adopt that attitude in ourselves.

I'm going through a dark night of my soul. Right now in my life. It's uncomfortable, and I want it to end. And I suppose that my desire for comfort, release, and escape goes beyond just the cultural norm of today. Our human nature doesn't embrace suffering. Understandab…