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How Does God Feel About You?
How do you think God feels about you? When God looks at you, what thoughts run through His mind? This was the question that hit me first thing this morning in prayer. "How do you think I feel about you?" He asked. For me, at least, not an easy question to answer.

I think we can try to answer this question from two perspectives: performance or position. Is the way God feels about me based on my performance - what I do, what I've done, my accomplishments, my behavior; or is the way He feels about me based on who I am? It's an important distinction; it's a difference that can't be overlooked when trying to answer this question.

We can try to better answer this question by asking another question; is my value to God based on what I've done or my good acts, or is my value simply in the fact that I'm part of His creation? Does God like me for who I am; my quirks, talents, failures, and beauty included? Scripture makes this answer p…

Here's a simple experiment you can do at home.

Take a clean, white dress shirt; one that is spotless, preferably just bought. Now take another dress shirt (doesn't have to be white), and pour some grape juice on it. In fact, douse it in the grape juice, and then add a little potting soil. Take this soiled shirt and spread it out on the floor. Now take some pepper, don't put it on the shirt, though. Sniff some of the pepper until  you're ready to sneeze. Then sneeze on the shirt.

The shirt can now be considered sufficiently dirty. You wouldn't wear it to dinner and you certainly wouldn't wear it to church (I don't think, anyway).

Now get the white shirt; the clean white dress shirt. Take that clean white shirt and lay it on top of the dress shirt you just dirtied. Make sure the two shirts are touching, press down on the clean shirt if you so desire.

After a few minutes, lift the clean white dress shirt off of the shirt that has been severely abused. Is th…