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Behind the Scenes
God is working behind the scenes. On our behalf.

Sometimes we don't see it. We live in a world that has been held in frustration for thousands of years by injustice, death, disease, and pain. Unanswered questions. Unresolved problems. Unfinished lives. But even in the midst of this, behind the scenes, God is working a purpose. Under all of this lies a thread of hope; hope that groans, hope that looks forward to a day of freedom from death and decay.

But until that day, we wait; we wait for what we hope for. And as we wait, He helps us. He sees our need. We take our prayers to Him, prayers that at times may seem unqualified to move the heart of God. But even those prayers He takes and turns them into deep, passionate groanings; too deep for words. He helps us in our weaknesses.

And in our sufferings, small or great, He is working. We don't always see it, or understand it. But God does. He sees it and cares. He sees it and carries us. He has a greater purpose than …
My Left Arm

I'm right handed, and, I guess that makes me right-armed. If I'm cutting down a tree in my yard, I use my right hand to hold the saw and my right arm to pull and push. That's how I've done it forever. Clip bushes with my right hand, throw rocks with my right arm, pull weeds with my right hand and right arm. I'm a "righty."

Well, until recently; when I suffered a yard-work injury. This injury caused great pain in my right arm, rendering it weak and fairly useless. No more cutting trees, clipping bushes, pulling a rake with the right hand on the bottom of the handle. Actually, that's not true; there's a solution to this problem. You see, I have two arms. Call the other arm, my left one, Mr. Neglected. The unused arm. 

It's not a bad arm; just underutilized. But not anymore! Since the downfall of Mr. Preferred (my right arm), I've found that, with a little use and training, my left arm can be quite useful. And not only that, that &qu…
What Shall I Wear?

There she stood in front of a sea of dresses and shoes. "I have nothing to wear," the paradox tumbled from her lips. "Nothing to wear."

As I hurried to the men's room at work, I was halted suddenly by the cleaning lady's cart in front of the bathroom door. Brakes on, reverse. I headed to the men's room at the opposite end of the building. And there it was, the other cleaning lady's cart; in front of the men's room door. And along with it, an attitude rising in my thoughts.

"Really? They've got to time this better. I should communicate this to Facilities and let them know ..." Halted again, this time by the Holy Spirit. You are a new creation in Christ, clothe yourself with compassion, understanding, patience, and a better attitude.

And so I did. I put on the newness. I changed my attitude and walked up the stairs to a third men's room. (Thankfully we only have two cleaning ladies. No cart.)

It really seemed too ea…