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Hold on to Peace
Here is a word that the Lord gave me regarding peace. In the midst of a day splattered by a rotten attitude, He gave me these words of encouragement. Take them as your own.

Peace; hold on to peace.
Don't let what's around you, your circumstances, your situations, rob you of the peace that I give. It's not worth it. What can a man give in exchange for peace?  Nothing. It is a gift from Me. It can't be bought, it can't be earned. It can only be received. It is a gift only I can give. All other promised peace is a counterfeit. Only I can give real, lasting peace.
But you must hold on to it and not succumb to the forgeries; not bend to the temptation to worry or take things into your own hands. 
When you know that the battle is mine, trusting in my desire and ability to love you sufficiently, then you will make way for My peace. For my peace is a river that flows, a shelter that covers. My peace surrounds you. 
And do not worry if you do falter or fail, for …
While the Gardner Works
My backyard had become a mess. Thorn bushes and weeds growing at will, slowly overtaking my lawn. My yard had grown smaller and smaller as the attacking weeds made their onslaught. That's what neglect will do. 

But this year, I was on a mission. I have no idea where the desire or drive came from; it just showed up. I was going to fight the weeds, the trees, and the thorns. It was a challenge; a large task that caused cuts and soreness. But I couldn't help myself. I kept going back weekend after weekend, like a warrior determined to defeat his enemy. I had a personal vendetta.

Very cool how God uses the natural to illuminate the spiritual to us. 

The summer is drawing to a close, and I find myself getting discouraged. Not over my backyard battle, but rather over the battle inside myself. Perhaps you've found yourself in the same place asking the same type of questions. When will I finally become the person God wants me to be? How long will the testings a…