God meets us in the impossible, in that place where we can not ... That place where the road seems to fall off into the un-doable. That place where our deepest fears are faced, our greatest apprehensions are realized. Like breathing under water. Call it the place of miracle and grace.

Where does God meet us? Where we can't survive without Him. Think about it - that is the place of faith. Where our strength is no longer our supply. Where our solutions are no longer viable options. Where our wisdom meets its end and His wisdom becomes our answer.

How do we handle the trials, the dark roads, the scary outlooks? By jumping into them. That's right, by falling into the arms of our Savior with complete abandon and trust. Hard to do? No. Scary? Yes. Can we do it? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely yes!

If we want change in our lives, we will be required to go down the road of un-surety. It's a road of no return. A road that requires dying to self; that cynical, doubting, untrusting, always wanting to be safe self. There is no safety net there. You walk on the high-wire with no backup plan to catch you below. The only guarantee is that God's hand leads you in this place.

It may not feel right. It may not look good or make sense. It will seem impossible. But, again, is it worth it? Absolutely yes! Can you do it? No, not in yourself. And that's what's so necessary in this journey. It can't be something you can accomplish by your own prowess, greatness, or ability. This is a journey that can only be effective when the source of your strength comes from Him.

And not everyone is willing to take this journey. It is unfamiliar. It requires dependence. It requires an all out commitment to being safe in His hands, for His hands are leading you. It will revolutionize your walk, turn it upside down, make you effective for His kingdom because you are no longer walking according to your sight and your understanding. No, now you are walking in faith. Now He is your supply; your need met.


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