The enemy loves to question your motives.

Just like the evil sheriff of Nottingham, he'll accuse your heart and question your intent. "Why Robin, you help these poor people simply for the glory, because you want to feel loved." The continual tossing of the nagging questioning over the fence, "Why are you doing this?" The enemy of your soul trying to erode your confidence; always questioning the heart behind the action.

But even more evil, even more detrimental than his accusations and questioning of your intent, is his desire to get you to question your own heart. But in this we must stand confident. You are God's own; born again, good-hearted. In fact if you were a character plugged into the Robin Hood saga, your last name would be Goodheart. For He has given you a heart of a flesh, a heart that cares and is genuine in its motives. Sincere.

It's no wonder that the enemy of your soul would try to cause you to question your heart. No, we are not unaware of his schemes. And one of his top tactics? The big Q. Question. Doubt. Did God really say ... The enemy knows that if he can get you to question your own heart, he can stop you from doing the good that God has prepared long ago for you to do. 

He knows that if he can cause you to think of your heart as ill-motived and evil, he can stop you dead in your tracks. He's the author of distraction. A liar and a thief. But don't be fooled by him anymore. Don't let the enemy or those around you question your motives or the goodness of your heart. It will lead to no good.

Instead, the next time that evil sheriff of Nottingham rises up and puts evil thoughts into your head and then accuses you for having them, resist him, firm in your faith, knowing who you are. You are royalty. Joseph the Goodheart, Brian the Goodheart, Maria the Goodheart, insert your name here - the Goodheart.

Don't believe the lie, hold on to the truth. Your heart is good.

(Photos by Hannah G. Furcinitti)


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