Of Loxley

I love the story of Robin Hood; at least the way the BBC presents it. He's a hero, a noble man, self-sacrificing, always escaping the perils of evil through some last minute heroic act. Good triumphs over evil, mercy over injustice. Reminds me of our walk with the Lord.

Sometimes daily, we face the arrows of our enemy, facing possible attack around every corner. Always in danger of the fiery darts of his lies. At times we find ourselves bound, held captive for a season by shackles intended to keep our heroic acts at bay and to keep us from inflicting harm on his evil kingdom.

And then we face the pain that surrounds us as those who need our help, our prayers, cry out through the blanket of injustice that has been thrown on them by the evil sheriff. And so we fight for them, wielding our sword and battling; returning the good things that were stolen from them.

It's an epic story. If only we would see it that way. If we would just have our eyes opened for a moment, we would see the story of Sherwood Forest unfolding before us, playing out before our eyes in the spirit realm. And we would be the hero, for that's who He made us to be.

We'd be the one who walks in with confidence in the midst of our enemies because we know who we are - chosen, appointed, carriers of justice and mercy. Friends of the King. And even though our King is "away", we still move under His direction, under His heart. For He is with us.

So the next time you find yourself bound or under attack, the next time you see those around you suffering, remember who you are. You are Robin of Loxley. You are the hero in this story; the mother, the father, the friend, the encourager. Remember the awesome task at hand - the task you've been called to.

And ride through that forest metering justice and mercy. For you are under the charge of a King, and you have it in you to do so.

(Photography by Hannah G. Furcinitti)


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