Pathways and Rivers

I will make a pathway through the wilderness, I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. (Is 43:19, NLT). 

God calls Himself strong in our weakness. His strength is perfected where we are weak. He takes our weak spots, our rough edges, our physical limitations, our emotional handicaps and shows His strength as sufficient through them. He becomes able when we are disabled. His strength is realized when ours is not.

In other words, our deficiency gives His sufficiency room to work. Are you weak in an area? Thank God for it. Thank Him that in that weakness, His strength will become perfect. Not your strength - His. Boast about it. "Hey, I'm really weak in this area! Yeeha! Room for God's perfect strength!"

And He does the impossible. In those areas of our life that are overgrown, unmanageable, wild, untamed, gnarly and thorny, He comes in and makes a pathway. He makes a way for you to walk safely in the midst of your mess. A pathway through your wild-ness.

And not only does He get you through it, enable you to walk through it, He also provides refreshing. That's right, rivers of refreshing in the dried up wasteland of our lives. The wasted years become redeemed. What we see as hopeless, dry waste, He pumps new life into. He breathes life into our wasted places.

Pathways in our wilderness and rivers in our desert. And that's comforting to know because it is His work, His power, in the midst of our failures and weaknesses. He restores where we can't. He heals the dark dungeons of our past. He, Who is ever so faithful, never relents on the construction and restoration of our beautiful new selves. He is the Master Carpenter, and He makes all things beautiful, a reflection of the true Beauty of heaven, in their own time. 


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