The Beauty of the Lord

What makes someone beautiful? Their looks? Their personality? Their disposition? Or maybe their form, their shape. I think if you go deep enough, you'll find that true beauty resides in on'es character; the essence of who they are, what makes them up. What motivates them.

Look at the Lord, for example. We don't "see" Him as in gazing on His appearance. But we do know Him. We know Him as a patient, kind, loving, wise, skilled (He created all we see around us!) And maybe we can take a gander at some of His beauty through the creation all around us. The faithfulness of the seasons, the beauty of a sunset over an ocean. The thrill and miracle of a baby being born. We can see His beauty in all of these things.

But we also see His beauty in His character; in His glory - Who He is. He is the One who gave up His rights to buy us back to Himself - to rescue the ungrateful. He is the one Who opened His arms to the prodigal, who picks us up after we fall time after time.

He is the One who stays "married" to us in our backslidings, Who remains faithful when we are not. He is strong, He is wise, He is all knowing. He steps to where we are. He draws with everlasting love.

The depths of His love are unsearchable. He helps the hurting, forgives the sinners, loves the poor, raises the dead. Who could possibly surpass such beauty? He is indeed altogether lovely. And knowing a God such as this, how can we not say, "O Lord, You're beautiful!"


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