there's a rope tied around my foot.
It keeps me down, keeps me from flying.
the rope is a lie, a seed of deception that has been sown.
it says you've gone too far, you've fallen away beyond His grace

it's the rope of oppression
it keeps me down

all i have to do is lift my foot out of that rope.
it is loose and has no real power over me

the rope offers safety, lets i go too far in freedom
it has a length, to keep me from going to far
it is a lie, it is bondage

when i think i'm about to fly, 
the rope reminds me that i cannot
the rope is only a lie, it's only a lie
God's grace goes father than i ever have
Still i remain His beloved son

and i grow and i serve, but the rope keeps me from going to far

only Jesus can free from this rope
and the rope in desperation says, no, you cannot reach out to Jesus, you've gone too far
but it is a lie, the rope is a lie

only Jesus can free me from this rope
only He can break the bondage that holds me there and forgive the guilt of my failings and faulterings.

cry out - Jesus! free me from this rope, this lie, that has held me too long in bondage
I am free, i am free to fly, my heart can go beyond limits
for the lie has been destroyed by the One who destroyed the liar
sink in shame lying rope, fall off without effort
For my victory comes from the Lord
and He is the one Who sets me free


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