We all have bad days ...

You may not feel great when you first wake up. Maybe you've had a rough night. Maybe the memory and feeling of yesterday's problems, struggles, and dilemmas are still fresh in your mind. Or maybe you can't think of any good reason why you're feeling so "blah".

But this is the time for faith to kick in. 

There are many others, just like you, who have been through what can be described as a "bad day." They know what it means to be having a "rough one". They are the cloud of witnesses who have held on to the promises of God in the midst of worse things than bad feelings. These are the ones who chose to take God's outlook; His perspective on the situation.

Remember ... God is there with you. He loves you, cares for you and wants you to win. His desire is that you stand above the storm of your emotions. He wants you to have the stability that you long for, the peace of mind you desire. And if God is for you (which He is), who (or what) can be against you?

And ... we have Jesus (the One who authors and finishes our faith). We must keep our eyes on Him, the One who walks on the waves and stands in the midst of the storm. The Rock, the Faithful One. We must keep our eyes on Him. 

But what, exactly, does that mean?

Consider the race He ran, the life He lived. The day to day He dealt with. Think about the situations He was in and how He handled them. Study it; know it. When tempted, He spoke truth. When suffering, he comforted others. When hurt by others, He entrusted Himself to His Father. Every step of the way, He left us an example.

And you can do the same, because He is the one Who is authoring; He is the One who is writing your faith-story. The worse thing you can do is to listen to the lies that your Father is non-present or angry with you. You have not blown it. Such thoughts will cripple your resolve. Don't even go there! Instead, you will be like Jesus. He knew of His relationship with the Father; He was confident in it. And you can be as well.

For the joy set before Him He endured ...

Remind yourself of Jesus' focus and persistence. Go over His faith-story again and again. Do what God has put on your heart. Invest in it, even if you don't feel like it. That is faith. And remember, He is well-pleased with you. Receive that. This is faith.


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