It is not Good

When God saw Adam alone in the garden, He said, "It is not good for the man to be alone." God saw everything He created as being good. The earth, the sun, the moon, the waters, the fauna and flower; all good. But when God saw loneliness, He didn't just observe it as not being good, but He spoke it as not being good. And so it stands today. We were all meant for relationship.

It's simply part of God's plan.

So God provided, as He always does. He provided a woman for the man; a helpmate, someone called along side to be with the man. A companion. And that was good. The woman was part of God's provision, so to speak. Not a resource the man could draw from, for that is not relationship. No, a companion that Adam could also pour into - someone who's needs Adam could meet as well as having his own needs met.

Call it a "realationship".

Now, an interesting question comes to mind (my mind, at least). Did God create Eve because He was unable to meet some need in Adam? Couldn't God have provided all of the friendship and companionship Adam needed from out of Himself? Of course He could have. But that is not what God decided to do. He had a plan.

But what happens when God's provision (I'm speaking in terms of relationship now), goes awry? What happens when our Adam or Eve is not all we think we need them to be? What about the loneliness you are experiencing; the frustration, the harbored anger? Is this part of God's provision?

What about when the sacred bond isn't "working"? When he doesn't understand her and when she isn't "there" for him? What about those realities?

At that point, know that God's provision has never been more real. For in our loss we find Him as our gain. When we've lost our way, drifted, and looked to the provision instead of the Provider, we see the faithfulness of God steering us back on course. It's all part of His plan; using our significant other to "sharpen" us, building His love in us. For they are at this time truly our gift from God.

And you should know; we can never truly be God's provision to someone else until we know Him as our source and true provision.

Love is meant to be sweet, but it also requires ... well, it requires love! Rest easy child of God. Your Adam, your Eve, is God's gift to you. So treasure that gift and let them be all God intended them to be for you.

It's all part of His plan. His provision.


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