His Love is Violent

He saw us in our condition. Trapped, broken, rope-bound, chain-laden, distressed, drowning; barely able to call out for help - if at all. He saw us in our despair. He heard our garbled cry. Our muffled, mangled cry reached the heavens and entered His holy place. 

Like the cry of a child stuck in a distant pit.

He did not saunter, He did not tread lightly to find us. No, He broke forth. He crashed through the clouds with violence, His all-powerful right hand reaching down to our all-powerlessness. Wrath smoke from His nostrils, flames of declaration from His mouth. Dark clouds, storms, angels, hail, burning coals.

All for us. Because of us. He came for us.

He cries out as a warrior coming to rescue. He is focused with one thing in His eye: us. He does this for me and He does this for you. He pulls out His weapons: arrows, lightening. He speaks, He breathes, and the watery grave that holds us captive dissipates. It disappears under His violent fury.

He comes for us violently because His love for us is violent. When our situation leaves us powerless under the weight of an adversary that is too strong, He rescues. His violent love kicks in and shows no quarter to those who bind us. 

For victory is Mine, says the LORD, and I will deliver, I will defend. You will not be accused forever, but with One shot I will lash out and destroy your accuser and you will no longer be bound by his lies or believe them, for I am Your God.

And so He comes with not a hint of anger or violence towards us, but with complete lovingkindness. He draws us out from our watery grave and says, "You are Mine, still Mine." He draws us and leads us. He brings us to our safe waters, to stillness, to green pastures.

His love for us is violent. His grace for us abounds. His love. His love will not rest until we are safe in His arms.


  1. Great word today!!! He is a jealous God and wants us!!!


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