More than a feeling

 My first album (remember albums?) was by a band called Boston. And on that album was my then favorite song, "More than a feeling." It's more than a feeling ... I can hear the melody playing now in my head. So here's a question, is your faith more than a feeling?

The thing about feelings is, well, they feel good. There's nothing like a good feeling; that sense we get when things connect and all seems well in the universe even if for a small moment in time. But feelings pass; they change like the New England weather. And a life based on feelings is a shaky life at best.

Another question, When do we go from "do you believe?" to "will you believe?" If we'll be real right now and take a look in the mirror of honesty, we'll see that sometimes we simply don't feel this thing called faith. Sometimes we get up in the morning and don't feel like we have a reason to rejoice in the day He has made. Sometimes at the end of a long day we don't feel like the righteousness of God in Christ. Sometimes we may simply not feel connected to Jesus in any way, shape, or form.  

The reality of this journey is, sometimes we have to put a "will" behind our believe. We have to make a choice that, no matter how we feel or what our senses or understanding may be telling us, God is true and the Source of all that is true. 

My wife and I were heading to a restaurant on a recent date night. I was driving, getting off our exit, when my wife told me we needed to go left. Everything inside me said she was wrong. I knew with all my heart that we needed to go right to get to the restaurant. But for some reason, I decided to listen to her and head left. I made a choice to believe her good sense of direction. After about a thousand feed, it clicked and I realized she was right.

There is nothing wrong with doing the same thing in our Journey with God. You may not feel it, you may not be connecting with it, but in spite of that, a simple decision to believe can be made. My daughter Bethy (now 12) was recently baptized, confirming her faith in Jesus. Not long after that she told me about a thought, a voice of doubt that came into her mind, "What if God isn't real?" Referring to her faith in God, she simply responded, "This is what I've chosen to believe."

Choose to believe.


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