There are certain scriptures that cause me to marvel; put a smirk on my face and a wonder in my heart. Jeremiah 30 contains some of those scriptures. Recorded in this prophetic chapter is this verse,

Your wound is incurable,

    your injury beyond healing.

God is being blunt; stating the fact - our current condition is, alas, tragic. Hopeless. Beyond any cure we can conjure up. On the surface such a statement doesn't leave much hope; possibly wants to make us hang our head and say, "What's the use?". And truly, without God, there really is no hope. But with God ... 

This scripture brings a reality to the fact that a healing of the heart may seem too great a task. How can the depths and intricacies of our hearts even be plunged, never mind navigated and healed? It seems too great a task to take the wounds of the years, the hidden hurts and fears, and eradicate them as if they never happened. 

The broken heart seems incurable. 

But Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted. Time does not heal all wounds, it simply allows them time to scar over. But Jesus heals our wounds, cares for our hearts, by binding them up. We're broken and we need fixing - even to the depths of our wonderfully unsearchable and marvelous hearts. This task may seem too great. But with Jesus ...

So in the same breath, (yes, the Breath of God), God speaks. He sends His word, His Spirit's words to carry hope. And so the Spirit speaks and He brings truth. The song echoes true, "I sent My word and healed your disease; I am the Lord your healer." What would seem grave and desperate lights up with a spark of hope. With our might, our strength, no such hope rises. But with the Spirit ...

And so, God offers His perspective, shows His ability in spite of our disability. In the very same chapter, several verses down, God makes His judgement on the situation of our hearts, 

But I will restore you to health
    and heal your wounds

God is not confused, He is simply speaking to two realities: ours and His. In our reality, life ends with heartbreak and death. In His reality, death is defeated and the impossible accomplished. 

And as His child, you live not in the reality of what your failing eyes see. No, you live in the life-giving, heart-healing, unending and undefeated, reality of God. Your heart will be healed ... by the Lord - your healer.

(Photography by H.G. Furcinitti)


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