Many enemies try to destroy me with lies, demanding that I give back what I didn't steal (Psalm 94:4)

A robbed man is an angry man, but a man who gives up what is his willingly is a deceived man. The sad truth is, though, that many of us have given up what is ours. We've believed a lie. We've forgotten who we are and what our position is. But God is not leaving His church in this condition; He's waking us up, opening our eyes.

We have an enemy who fights us not with sword, spear, or arrow. His weapons are deceit, thievery, lies, delivered with murderous intent. He wants to rob us blind. What has he robbed you of? Health? Integrity? Freedom? What is he telling you that you have no right to? A restored relationship? Happiness and joy? A better home situation? All lies.

We've forgotten who we are, and what we are worth. We were purchased by the blood of the Creator of the universe. The One who made us says we were worth it. We are royals, sons and daughters. We have the all the rights of a child of God, for that is what we are - children of the Most High.

But the enemy would have us believe differently, think otherwise. He would desire to wear us down with his constant reminders of our failures. He would have us get off track and focus on our failures. He would have us live in the shadow of regret and freeze beneath its bitter taste. He would desire to take every precious promise, every guaranteed right, every blessing, and one by one receive them from us until we are left hopeless and dejected.

That's his plan, anyways. But God ... God has another plan. His promises are "yes", and He says, hold on to My promises. You have not stolen what I have given to you. These gifts are yours, these promises for you. For you are mine, and I am yours. Don't give up what is yours.

(Photography by J. Furcinitti)


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