I write software for a living. And like every trade or occupation, there are tips and tricks that are used specific to that trade. For example, here are some keystrokes that I use on a fairly regular basis:

  • ESC - hit this key when you want to get out of something
  • Control-Alt-Delete - use this to get rid of those nasty programs that are eating up your memory
  • F1 - Get instant help

But one of my favorites, the one that has saved me a lot of re-typing, my good friend of the keystroke family, Ctl-Z (pronounced control z). It's the UNDO command. Did you just delete two hundred lines of code that took four hours to type? Ctl-Z. Did you just delete that file from your boss by mistake? Ctl-Z. Want to undo the last four things you just did? Ctl-Z. I love it. Undo at my fingertips.

Ahhh, but that life were so simple. 

Just yelled at your wife? Ctl-Z. Just missed a great opportunity? Ctl-Z. Said something stupid in front of eighty people? Clt-Z. I could make millions, no billions, if I could invent an UNDO key for life.

But the fact of the matter is, an UNDO key has already been invented. It's called redemption, and God holds that key, and He has the power to redeem every mistake we've made. Wish you didn't drink so much and act like that? Wish you weren't in that relationship that went bad? Wish you didn't hurt those people at church? 

Well, stop wishing. God holds the power to redeem every sin, mistake, miscalculation, and foolish thing you've done. And there's a key for that. I'll call it Ctl-t. Or more specifically, give Control to the t - to the Cross. Let the redeeming power of His Cross have its power in your life. He can take the most broken life, the worst situation, the deepest darkest area and make it new; all through the power of the Cross.

Every mistake, redeemed through the power of the Cross. Every failure forgotten. Every sin tossed far away. All things made new because He took the first step, showed His love, and gave us the power of the Cross. Ctl-t.

(Photographs by H.G. Furcinitti)


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