At the Right Time

God says, “At the time I have planned,
    I will bring justice against the wicked. - Psalm 75:2

God has a timeline, and it doesn't always align with ours. Have you ever been disappointed, let down, because your miracle didn't come when everyone else's did? What about the child you've been praying for, believing God for, and yet, still no change. They still struggle, they still fight. 

Your marriage? What about the years of sowing into that holy union, that sacred relationship, only to be disappointed again, and again, and again? How does one hold the goodness of God in one hand and balance it against the injustice of life in the other? Well, we don't, and we shouldn't. It's not ours to balance.

There is a time for everything under the sun; a time God has planned for every situation. He will bring about His plan in His time. His plan, His time. It's not about us and our wills being done. 

One of the most difficult questions I've been asked to answer is, "Why would God allow such a bad thing to happen to such a good person?" How do you answer a hurting person asking such a difficult question?

The greatest comfort I've found in my greatest suffering is knowing that in the middle of my desperate hour, God had a plan; He was in the process of making something greater in my life. And if the process was left up to me, the suffering would be minimal; and so would the change.

God is not so concerned about the now. He sees into the future. He knows the right time. The right time for your healing, the right time for your child to come to their senses, the right time to bring justice. God knows. And until you see His right time, find comfort in this - with God, all things are possible, and in His time, He will make everything beautiful.

(Photographs by J. Furcinitti)


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