Provision is defined by Webster as a stock of needed materials or supplies, or a measure taken beforehand to deal with a need. This is an awesome visual of the way God's kingdom operates in our lives; how His supply works.

If you could pull back the silky white curtain that covers the unseen, invisible workings of His mysterious kingdom, you would see a stockpile of provision - an abundance of supply waiting for us. "Lord, abundantly bless our provision!" God has provided, and wants to bless us. But something must happen to release that provision.

The provision exists, for sure, stockpiled and waiting to be released. But what will release this abundance that God has in store for us? Acts of faith. Acts that say, "I'm going to step into what God has for me, where my abilities and wisdom in themselves will not be able to carry me. I'm going to put God on the spot; test Him in this. I'm going to put myself in a position such that if God doesn't show up, I'm done for." Scary.

And acting on that attitude takes a great amount of faith. So we step out into it. We grow into it. And we see Him faithful. We give more to our church, and we see Him faithful in provision. We talk more about Him to others, and we are blessed in that. We leap, we walk out into the deep waters; and we see Him there with us in greater measure than ever before.

Unlock the abundance of God. Take that step that is more than uncomfortable. Take that plunge that is not safe. Do something that has no backup plan, something that will only succeed if God is in it. Activate the provision; it's waiting for you.

God has for you, good works set aside for you to do. Tasks that were intended to not only bless others and fulfill the will of God, but also to bless and fill you. He has made a way, but you must go - I will be with you wherever you go. Go. Step. Jump. Leap. And watch the miracle provision follow!

(Photographs by J. Furcinitti Jr. - I gave H.G. the week off)


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