The Wedding

Twenty years ago, our soon to be married daughter, Kaity, came into this world. Her life has been quite a story. 

When she was first born, she was having issues breathing; something a new father is never prepared for. I can remember the nights when she would wheeze and cough and the little rubber turkey baster thing the hospital gave us to clear out her throat. It was blue. 

When Kaity was about seven or eight, she walked out onto our front porch; the porch I was rebuilding. She stepped out and down she went between the support beams. She said she saw an angel. I don't doubt it; someone was holding her. Someone walking into a hole tends to fall face first. She didn't. She landed straight up and was fine.

It was around that time that Kaity met Paul, her fiance. They were in pre-school. He was born on valentines day; and that was appropriate, because that was when he proposed to her (at least that's how I think it went down.) He said he was going to marry her. (Paul, you are a man of your word. Here we are some fifteen years later and you'll soon take my daughter as your bride.) 

The teenage years were ... can I use the word, "matchless"? There are many other words to describe Kaity's journey through youth, but I'll stick with matchless. Matchless means, Mom, Dad, I'll keep you on your knees praying. And we prayed, constantly. 

Those were some dark times; valleys, you could call them. But here we are, on the other side, and one thing I know: God is faithful. That's it. That's all I can say. God was faithful.

And so it is with us, my friends. We are on a journey. We drift into some pretty dark times, don't we? We fail, we fall, we struggle to breath. But through it all, we find Him faithful. Faithful because, like my daughter, there is a wedding coming; a day when we will be whisked off our feet and presented as a bride. A bride who has made herself ready. A bride who has been prepared.

Our journey as believers is an amazing journey. We fight, we struggle, we do our best. But under all of that is our faithful groom to be. Our lover. The one who loves our souls. And He is waiting, He is working, He is ever faithful.

On Saturday, October 10th, I will walk my daughter down the aisle and give her away to Paul, her husband to be. When I do, I'm certain I will be flooded with memories; the good ones, the tough ones, all mixing together painting my daughter Kaity into the beautiful young lady she has become. And when I give her away, I'll have one thought on my mind.

It was worth it all. She'll be beautiful, he'll stand in anticipation, and I'll know it's all because we have a Father who brought us through it all, who carried us to this day, who showed Himself faithful.

God bless your day, Kaity and Paul, I couldn't be prouder and neither could He.


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