Your name has been tattooed onto the palms of God's hands. That's right; God has a tattoo, and that tattoo bears your likeness.

"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands ..." (Isaiah 49:16)

Engraved, not penciled in. Like a design on a sword's blade. Inscribed, like permanent carvings on a piece of wood. This is not a temporary or seasonal inscription; this is meant to stand the test of storms and time. Bottom line, God fell so in love with you that He "went out" and got a tattoo of you. He's that serious about His relationship with you.

Your name is indelibly written on the palm of His hand. That's God's level of commitment to you! 

Understand this, there is no condemnation for you who is in Christ. It is by His doing that you are safely placed in His hands, and it is by His doing that you remain safely in His care. No one can snatch you from His mighty grip. You would more easily rip the tattoo off of a snarling six foot, five inch wrestler with a sour disposition than you would rip God's child out of His hand. Not going to happen.

Yet why does that scare us; make us a little nervous? Why is it so difficult to rest securely in the fact that we are secure in Him? Does it sound too good to be true? Could someone actually love us that much? Is anyone really capable of that level of commitment? 

Maybe our mindset simply needs adjustment. Raised in a world where the old gets thrown away and replaced by the new, we need to know that God's kingdom works just the opposite. You are not like a pair of clothes that are worn out and thrown away. You are made perfect forever, an ongoing precious work of God.

The next time someone or something tries to devalue you, remember who you are; remember whose you are. Remember His level of commitment to you. Remember who has you tattooed on the palms of His hands. He's not going anywhere.


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