Thinking about Heaven

The thought of Heaven can be a pretty scary thought for many people. What shall we do for all eternity; forever and then forever and then again forever, forever? Will we miss the wonder of a new born baby, or the sweet smell of the first warm spring day? Will we be bored? Will there ever come a day, maybe 48,000 years down the golden road when we think to ourselves, "OK, this is a bit much, I need a change"?

These very real questions may have entered your thoughts as scary considerations. You're not alone if the thought of forever is daunting to you.

But would you try, for just a minute, to ask God to fill your thoughts with the wildness of what heaven may look like? And then let your mind run uninhibited. Like this for example, a thought I had while thinking about heaven recently.

As I was thinking about the importance of our lives here on earth, (and yes, your life is more important than you know), I thought about heaven being a place where the positive impact of our lives is revealed not only to us, but to everyone there. 

Imagine this - a scheduled time, a very large screen TV, and an audience of millions sitting in anticipation. And then on the screen flashes your name with the caption, "And the wonder of their life". And God is glorified as we sit for hours and watch how your kind touches, gentle words, involvement in church, all of the seemingly small things you've done, come to life as the impact of those actions, your actions, are shown to all of heaven's audience.

And this happens for every single person in heaven. Why not? We'll certainly have enough time! 

What a crazy thought, right? Well, not really.

God speaks to us in His word that all who have believed in His Son, Jesus, will enjoy the wonders of heaven and that in heaven there will be no lack. Where God is, there is no lack. The Source of the very things that give us moments of joy on this earth will be ours forever in heaven. We will behold the creator of Niagara Falls, the rings of Saturn, the great outback, and all of the wonders of our universe. 

The unimaginable is there for us to imagine with the help of His Spirit. So why not ask, "Father, let my imagination run wild with thoughts of what you have in store for me in heaven." I can't imagine Him not answering you, if even with the smallest wild thought to run with. And run with it to your heart's content.


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