In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight - Eph 1:7,8

In God's eyes there are no poor investments. What we might consider a waste of time, He considers a project worth undertaking. The lost causes of society are found by Him. He travels too far to find the too far gone. God's idea of what is worthwhile goes far beyond our understanding and perspective.

What God lavishes His grace on sometimes shocks us. And I think that is on purpose; God's in it for the shock-and-awe. In our minds, pouring out precious blood for a repeat offender seems foolish. "Why," our minds question, "would God shower love, grace, and forgiveness on that person knowing they will soon be back in the muck of their stubbornness, addiction, and self-destructive behavior?" It causes our frugal and return on investment mentalities to balk at the idea.

Lavish. Merriam-Webster gives an eye opening definition of the word: "expending or bestowing profusely". And oddly, next to that definition is a link to the word prodigal, which is surprising (at least it is to me). Prodigal: "characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure".  What!? Wasteful? Doesn't sound like the God I grew up knowing. And, I think, in today's society, a God who lavishes is largely unfamiliar to most.

Yet, God shows that He likes extravagant behavior.  Look at the story of the woman who broke open the alabaster vial to pour expensive perfume onto Jesus. He commends her lavish behavior. (Matthew 26:7) Why? Because God is no cheapskate. He's all about over the top, shock worthy behavior. Remember, He's the God of no limits; His love goes wide, deep, long, and high - beyond our comprehension.

And He sees something we don't - the finished product.

Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. Amazing grace that looks beyond my faults and sees my needs. What looks like waste to us, is the showering of the transforming power of grace given in wisdom. What seems to be a deposit into the wrong account, is, in God's eyes, an investment in the future.

And I say all of this because I know. I was that man lost in the muck and mire of sin. I was lost. But the lavishing of His grace on me proved worthwhile. For now I am changed, changed by the grace my Savior lavished on me.


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