What Shall I Wear?

There she stood in front of a sea of dresses and shoes. "I have nothing to wear," the paradox tumbled from her lips. "Nothing to wear."

As I hurried to the men's room at work, I was halted suddenly by the cleaning lady's cart in front of the bathroom door. Brakes on, reverse. I headed to the men's room at the opposite end of the building. And there it was, the other cleaning lady's cart; in front of the men's room door. And along with it, an attitude rising in my thoughts.

"Really? They've got to time this better. I should communicate this to Facilities and let them know ..." Halted again, this time by the Holy Spirit. You are a new creation in Christ, clothe yourself with compassion, understanding, patience, and a better attitude.

And so I did. I put on the newness. I changed my attitude and walked up the stairs to a third men's room. (Thankfully we only have two cleaning ladies. No cart.)

It really seemed too easy. Put on the new self? Just like that? Like a coat or a shirt? Just slip it on? That's the analogy scripture uses. We are told to clothe ourselves; put on the new nature. Is it really that simple? Then why can it be so difficult to do it? Why do we, like the frustrated woman, stand in front of the closet and see nothing to wear.

Well, that's the problem. We don't realize what we have. Gifts galore. A treasure inside of us. His likeness. His presence. The fact is, sometimes we forget that we have what it takes. We can clothe ourselves because our new nature is hanging right there, ready for us to put it on. But we forget that, or even more tragically, don't believe it.

The Lord has given us everything we need to live godly lives; to live for him. All our needs? Supplied. All our temptations. Provided for. Our worries? Cared for. It's really that simple. You have what it takes to be kind, compassionate and patient. It's right there in front of you hanging in your closet.

You do have something to wear.

(Photographs by H.G. Furcinitti)


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