Behind the Scenes

God is working behind the scenes. On our behalf.

Sometimes we don't see it. We live in a world that has been held in frustration for thousands of years by injustice, death, disease, and pain. Unanswered questions. Unresolved problems. Unfinished lives. But even in the midst of this, behind the scenes, God is working a purpose. Under all of this lies a thread of hope; hope that groans, hope that looks forward to a day of freedom from death and decay.

But until that day, we wait; we wait for what we hope for. And as we wait, He helps us. He sees our need. We take our prayers to Him, prayers that at times may seem unqualified to move the heart of God. But even those prayers He takes and turns them into deep, passionate groanings; too deep for words. He helps us in our weaknesses.

And in our sufferings, small or great, He is working. We don't always see it, or understand it. But God does. He sees it and cares. He sees it and carries us. He has a greater purpose than our comfort. His goal is simple - we are chosen to become like His Son. His Son, the One Who learned obedience through His suffering. The One Who lived to glorify His Father. 

Our trials are not without purpose. Our suffering is not random. All of this is working together for good; for our good and the good of those around us. That He may be glorified. When you suffer, suffer well. You are building for yourself a great treasure in heaven and bringing honor to the One Who loves you with a love that cannot be severed.

He is for you, and if He is for you, all hell can't stop you. He will never leave, fail, forsake or abandon you. 

(Fruit Photos by H.G. Furcinitti)


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