God tests our faith to build our faith. Trials make us stronger. Think of this as spiritual vaccination.

Vaccinations work by introducing a small amount of a virus (say a strain of the influenza virus) to the body, triggering the body's immune system response. The body, recognizing the virus as an enemy, a foreign force that shouldn't be there, produces antibodies to battle the virus. In effect, the body is being trained, prepared and schooled  to recognize the flu virus when it comes again in full force outside of the controlled safety of a doctor's office.

Interestingly, the flu virus must be administered yearly. This is, for one, because the body's memory fades, so to speak, and "forgets" how to battle the virus. It is also because the strains of influenza vary from year to year, requiring the appropriate strain to be introduced to the body.

When God allows a trial to be placed on your doorstep it's not a punishment or abandonment. It's because He is preparing you for something greater. He's training you, teaching you, creating an immune response in you, so that when the greater trials come, you'll know how to battle them.

Greater trials are coming?

Yes. Greater trials come with greater glory. The more you grow and step into God's plan, the more the enemy will attack your faith. So God, in His mercy, is preparing you now, so that when your greater comes, you'll be able to stand.

So take encouragement in this. These fiery trials are for your good, from a good God. They should not surprise you; they are to be expected - quite normal. And God will give you seasons of rest. But at the right time, He will bring you through more training, trying, and testing to prepare you for the good plans He has for you. He is a good God and His plans for you are good.

It may be that season of the year for you. Time to get vaccinated.

(Photographs by H.G. Furcinitti)


  1. Love this analogy, Joe! What a great way to understand trials- as a kind of "holy innoculation!" I am enjoying your blog.
    Deborah Perkins


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