The Power of a Single Thought

"... let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." (Romans 12:2).

Did you know that a single thought, tailored just for you, spiced with enough insinuation, can affect your whole day? Think about it. A single thought.

Thoughts are like radio waves, floating through the air, waiting for us to tune into them with the receivers of our past, perspective, and emotional make up. Some thoughts come from within, generated by our minds, shaped by our understanding; others come from without, suggested by some outside force.

To write off every thought as simply coming from within would be naive - we live in a world ruled by spiritual forces; intermingled with an eternal kingdom. But whether the source is from another person, a book, a TV show, or simply our own minds, thoughts can steer our day.

"That'll never happen." "That was a stupid thought." "They don't really love me." "I'm a failure." All lies. All creaking doors opening to let a bad day in. Shut the door. Stop the thought before it makes full entry.

By the power of the Spirit.

We can't do it in our own power, but we can allow God to do it. We can allow God, by His Spirit to change the way we think; to make us into a new creation. Interesting how a change in thinking can be so powerful as to transform a life. Thoughts of peace, thoughts of love, whatever is pure. Good thoughts. God thoughts. They can change everything. They can change us.

Our minds need constant renewing. They can wake up burdened, they can go to sleep burdened. But that is never God's intent. He wants to renew our minds, to fill us with good thoughts. And that happens when we pray, when we focus (think on) Him. When we let God fight our battle, the battle of the mind, and rest in His victory.

(Paintings by A. J. Furcinitti - thanks Mom for using your God-given talent)


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