Whispers in the Dark

A whisper separates the closest of friends. (Prov 16:28)

Our enemy's biggest weapon is words. Read the psalms and notice David's descriptions of his enemies:
- His mouth is full of lies and threats; trouble and evil are under his tongue.
- Lord, have mercy on me. See how my enemies torment me.
- They say, “We will lie to our hearts’ content. Our lips are our own—who can stop us?”
- Then I can answer those who taunt me, for I trust in your word.

Over and over David describes his enemy as one who assaults with his tongue. And so it is for us today - the enemy of our soul attacks with words. And he'll use these words to bring division. Whispers in the night, "Why do you think your pastor did that?" "Remember when your wife said this? That wasn't right." "Your children don't respect you. They can't stand you." And the lies go on and on. Maybe you've heard some of them before.

"But it is true! My wife did say that." Whispers.

Let me ask you how that thought makes you feel. As you're laying awake in bed at 2:30 AM pondering the things that were said, or the things that were done, what does that stir up in you? Peace? No. Encouragement? No. A feeling of hope? No.

There is no good thing come from whispers such as these. They serve only to divide, to cause unrest, to replace peace with strife. And you can be assured, these words, these lies in the dark, do not find their origin in God. No, absolutely not. For God is not the God of confusion, He does not bring unrest to our souls. No, He is the God of peace.

It is not your responsibility to stay awake at night and solve all of your problems by playing back the day's events in your head. You do no good by worrying and pondering the whispers that have been placed in your ears. No, your responsibility is to trust God. He didn't put the thoughts there and He doesn't expect you to deal with them or carry the weight they produce.

God is the God of peace, and peace is what He wants for you. Like Nehemiah, stay on the heights, above your enemy, and refuse his lure to pull you down to the level his lies want you at. Ignore the whispers; they do you no good. Let Him answer the whispers while you rest.

(Photographs by Hannah G. Furcinitti)


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