The Power of Words

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven ... - Isaiah 55:10

Snow covers the ground and a mystery occurs. In the dead of winter, preparation for life begins. In the coldest of season, harvest lies dormant. And then the rains come. The warm spring rains, watering over and over. It's a process we see on display in God's creation every year. And every year the Lord wants us to see how this applies to us.

He sends His words; through devotionals, through the reading of scripture, through friends, through prophecies and words of knowledge. And just like the snow, just like the rain, those words are working on us. Over time.

The harvest we desire, the growth we long for takes time. It takes a season; a season of dead, cold winter and warm spring rains. It takes a season of His word. 

But this time of waiting and dormancy is not in vain. Hold on, work of God, masterpiece of the Father; your time is coming when He will make all things beautiful. For their is a promise, and all creation waits eagerly for it to pass.

The mountains and the hills are ready to burst into song. The great and the small, the young and the old - ready to rejoice over your coming out. The trees of the field - those lone trees that stand out among the fields they rule over, those majestic oaks, those famous ones, will clap their hands for you! You will be applauded by those used to applause.

And your reward? 

Instead of thorns; instead of pain and obstacles, you will know the beauty of the cypress: the tree known for its longevity and the adornment it brings to gardens. Instead of the thicket forming, thorny briers, there will be myrtles: the source of fragrant, spicy oils, to bring healing and pleasure to those who are in need.

All because His word goes forth. His life-producing, non-failing, effective words, received by you, stored safe in your good heart, unable to be stolen. Your time is coming. The season of the harvest is near.

Photographs By Hannah G. Furcinitti


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