We could solve a whole world of problems if we knew who we were; if we were confident in what God says about us. But for many of us, there is brokenness, disappointments, wounds, failed dreams, and let-downs from the people of God. So many things that tell us who we aren't and shake our confidence.

Like arrows, we've felt the wounding words, lies from the enemy of our soul, lies that have kept us bound to this earth. These words have brought us to a place of complacency instead of to a place of vigor and victory. Oppression hangs over us like the feeling we have after overeating at Thanksgiving. It weighs us down and keeps us out of full commission. And that's what the enemy wants.

But God speaks something different. He forms our trials to shape us and grow us, to build compassion and integrity into the core of our being. Instead of saying, "This thing is killing you", He says, "Endurance develops maturity of character [approved faith and tried integrity] and character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation."

God changes us for good with His words. But you need to know who you are in the trial. He disciplines us as sons and that is what we are. And knowing that is what brings us through the trial as gold; as refined silver with all the dross, lye, and junk, scooped off.

Knowing who we are causes us to know the heart of God towards us. He treats us as children. And knowing His heart towards us lets us know He does not leave us alone to deal with the trial. No, He is for us in it, with us in it, and He wants us to succeed more than we do!

You are His anointed, and this I know, the Lord gives victory to His anointed; He answers him from His heavenly sanctuary. How? With the victorious power of His right hand.


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