The Vastness of God

You can't really experience the beauty of something until you are in it. A picture may speak a thousand words but it doesn't blow your hair, tingle your sense of smell, or cause your eyes to squint. This picture of Wachusett reservoir in Massachusetts may bring up feelings of bitter cold, but unless you've been there in the cold snow like I was this morning, your face isn't any colder and you didn't just start seeing your breath. 

After seeing the immensity of this reservoir, I can't help but say to God, how vast you are. Spending time on the edge of this great body of water gives me a taste of the greatness of God. I might even go as far as to say, I'm experiencing him, who he is, at least in part. 

We can read the bible, understand its words, comprehend its meaning. And that is a doorway, an entrance into knowing him. We read, God loves you. But have we experienced his love? Have we known his comfort in times of trial? Scripture tells us that he is an ever present help in time of need. But have we leaned upon the everlasting arms in our dark hour and found him to be faithful?

God wants us to experience him. But we must position ourselves, find ourselves in a place of listening and readied awareness of him. He is always moving, always speaking. Let us be always looking, ever hearing.

One morning, many years ago, I felt God calling me to put aside some time to fast and pray. I woke up earlier than normal, went to my knees and God wasted no time. Out of nowhere, actually out of his lips, came the words, "My heart breaks for the children in Herzegovina." I knew I had just heard his voice and heard what concerned him. God cared about people I knew nothing about and had never thought about before. I had experienced the heart of God; the heart of love.

We must be willing to avail ourselves of the opportunities presented to us by God.

I remember praying for a woman in downtown Worcester. This woman was a broken and hurting woman. And when I prayed, it was as if a fire of care and passion for her rose in me. Another person I did not know, but whom God knew intimately and loved deeply. That day as I prayed (probably very loudly) for this woman, I felt I had experienced the heart of the Lion of Judah. God is passionate about us.

Learning, studying, attending church are all important and essential to our walk of faith. They prepare us to undertake what God has called each one of us to - an experience with him. He wants us to experience him like never before. 

Are you ready? Are you willing? Then tell him so ... 


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