Probably one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the ability to appreciate. He not only gives us beauty, he also gives us the ability to admire that beauty. What a good God.

Gratitude is a gift as well; to be able to see the value in something while setting aside the obvious negative. Gratitude is an awareness of beauty expressing itself through a smile, a word of simple thanks, or lifted hands. Gratitude runs in short supply these days. But it doesn't have to; for we have a choice. Being grateful is a choice.

Consider this, God provides food for our bodies; sustenance that is necessary to our survival. And yet, because he is good and kind, he causes food to be enjoyable. Could you imagine having to painfully devour a juicy steak with a side of fries? Think of the misery of life if each meal required bite after sorrowful bite to supply our bodies with necessary daily fuel. Food is not a practical necessity, it is a joyous part of life. Grateful? 

Consider the survival of the human race. The procreation of humanity is not an arduous and labor-some task, but rather, a God-designed, wonderful and enjoyable, intimate (you add the adjective you want here) experience. "Be fruitful and multiply." Has ever a command been so desirable to obey? God is good.

In this world we see suffering, but not from the hand of God. No, this world’s downfall is at the hand of man. People hurt people. Yet even in this, if we will look, we can see the goodness of God’s gift of free will. God never forces us to love, He simply calls us to it. 
Thank God He didn’t create robots. He has created free will agents with the ability to receive and love him. Choice is one of the greatest gifts as well. A man without a choice is a bound man indeed. 

Yet lack of gratitude takes this treasure and mars, perverts and poisons it. "I want" steals from "thank you" and murders it. 

And so we have choice, the choice to worship him, to honor him, to call him good when the world around us is not good. When circumstances are contrary to our desires, he is still good and wise and faithful. When enters pain, his goodness remains; it never leaves our room. And he invites us to cast our cares upon him, even the cares that arise from our own doing. Because he is good. And he is God.


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