Hidden away in every living thing is a genetic plan; a blue print holding the design of a finished product. From a frog to an oak tree, from a squirrel to a rose, from a bird to a human; inside each of these resides the genetic material that instructs an organism how to grow and reproduce. Inside what starts out as a small and vulnerable creature, lies the instructions to carry that creature to its full destiny - a road map to its purpose and maturity. 

I took a walk in the woods recently. Surrounding me were tall, immovable pine trees. Their strength was massive and I had to strain my neck to see the end of their height. They are impressive creations. But they don't start that way; their beginnings are far less remarkable.

With barely a thought, I could easily bend or even uproot a pine sapling. It rises insignificantly above the forest floor; threat-less and barely worth a glance. It is cute. It is soft. But what it starts off as is barely an indication of what it is to become. Its DNA says something contrary to its current state. It has a great secret locked away inside of it. 

God is wise. He takes the unimpressive, the small and unimportant, and locks greatness away inside of them. There is greatness inside of you. You may not see it. You may feel vulnerable and unimpressive. Others may view you that way. But God, in His wisdom, through Christ, created all things with a plan in mind. And that includes you.

From cute to colossal, from unremarkable to unimaginable, God has placed a map, an instruction set to your destiny inside of you; hidden away for the right time. His time. He didn't create things as they are to be, He created things with their "to be" built in, a secret plan locked away for the later reveal. 

This is the wisdom of God. If we were to begin as we were to end, we wouldn't know growth. And growth is the arena where experience, environment, and choice under the guidance of the Divine hand are able to form the unique personality and traits of our core being. Yes, the plan is in us; we have the divine DNA. But our lives are shaped not by a rigid adherence to that plan but rather by the wise guidance of the Almighty, bringing about a realization of that plan.

We grow according to the divine DNA placed in each of us, but are shaped by the hand of God. Some of us grow tall as one pine in the midst of many; strong, grasping for the sun. Some of us are full-coated, short and pruned, ready for front yard display. Still pine DNA, but very different.

And even though we may not see the fullness of that plan manifested now, God has promised that He will complete what He has started in us. And beyond His plan for us on this earth, is the realization of His plan for us in eternity.


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