Does God Speak?

I like Start Trek, Voyager. I watch it at lunch time. Please don't think less of me for that. The episode I was watching today hit a chord in my heart. A group of humanoids were trapped in stasis, kept alive by a computer simulation that played a virtual reality in their minds through an advanced technology. Without these people noticing it, their deep seated fears gradually surfaced and became part of the simulation. Soon, their fear became so strong that it took the form of a clown and took over the simulation, ruling their minds mercilessly. They were trapped by their fears personified.

Does God hear us when we pray? Does He speak to us?

Well, He spoke to me through that episode of Star Trek; through a TV show some would call silly. Amazing what God can use to speak to us. I know one young lady who would agree with me. God can and does speak to us. 

My daughter Heidi had some difficult decisions to make. Life course changes. Which option should she take? Should she stick out her current situation, or should she change directions? Important things, big choices. But nagging at the forefront of her mind was a question, a fear. Would God hear her prayer; would He speak to her? And what if He didn't? Well, He did. He spoke to her clearly.

A song was playing on the car stereo as she drove to meet with the person she needed to discuss her decision with. Which path was she going to take? The words of the song playing came as an answer, "You're almost home now, Please don't quit now." Bam, it hit her. God was faithful and He had spoken to her.

But what about the times that God is silent when there are major decisions to be made? What then? What do we do when God is speechless? Well, God speaks even in the silence. The fact that He is saying nothing says a lot. When we put two directions before Him and the heavens are shut and our hearts indecisive, His voice speaks through what He has already told us, "I am with you wherever you go ... don't be afraid, I will never leave you or let go of you."

Does God hear our prayers? Yes. Every single one. Does He answer them on our terms? Sometimes. But when the answers to our prayers seem to have failed to reach us, He speaks to us, "Trust me." When suffering seems too much, He tells us, "My grace is enough for you, I will deliver in due time." When all seems hopeless and the battle seems to be lost, He speaks truth into the deepest darkness, "The battle is mine and this weapon formed against you shall fail."

God answers the heart that desires to do His will. For the one who says, "God, lead my footsteps" He leads. He hears your cry as a good father. You may need to wait. You may need to trust. But I can tell you what I've seen, and Heidi would tell you of stories of answered prayer as well. Miraculous and undeniable answers.

The truth is, the heart that holds on will find its answer.

The sidebars are from lyrics to music that Heidi Rose has written.


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