You are a diamond in the making.

Did you know ... 

Diamonds are extremely rare and extremely valuable and their value is a function of the depth at which they are formed. The formation of a diamond occurs up to 100 miles below the surface of the earth.

Diamonds are formed under intense pressure and heat. Carbon buildup from dead plants and animals is compressed under the weight of millions of tons of earth over many years under intense heat. Pressure. Heat.

Rare diamonds are tinted by colors; the hope diamond for example. This tinting is a result of imperfections that exist in the diamond during its formation process. You could say, a diamond's flaws give it great value.

What can take hundreds or even thousands of years to achieve is released within hours. The diamond travels to the surface of the earth in tubes called kimberlites within a matter of hours. The formation process is lengthy, but the activation process is fast.

You are a diamond in the making. (Yes, I'm repeating myself.)

In God's eyes, you are invaluable. A work of art, a jewel, something to be treasured, not thrown away. No one in their right mind would come across a diamond and ignore it or pick it up and throw it in the trash. That's how God feels about you - you are an object of great value in His eyes. He created you and is in the process of forming you into a treasure, a beauty of great worth.

The process, though, is arguably a difficult one. God goes deep into our hearts and lives and does major reconstructive surgery. He deals not with the surface issues of our lives, but with the deep things, the heart issues. The change He brings begins with the deep places. Part of your formation into something beautiful is without a doubt, a function of the depth at which it occurs in your life. And that can be messy.

The process you will go through to become all that He intends you to be will occur under great pressure and intense heat. Character is never developed during the easy times. No, character is tried and tested like gold in a fire and built under intense pressure. The pressure you may be feeling now, while not pleasant or easy, is forming for you a great reward - an inheritance, a treasure of eternal value and immeasurable worth even here on this earth.

And what of your shortcomings and imperfections? While they may stick out to you like a grape juice stain on a white dress shirt, God is using them to color you beautiful. That's right, your value is gaining via your weaknesses and flaws. God is using all of that to form just the right person, just the right hue, to color a desperately gray world with beauty.

Know this, your day is coming, and it will come quickly.The day you will shine and come forth as a diamond of great value; a desired jewel. Impossible as it may seem right now, it will come; that day will arrive.

For now, you are being formed. Then, you will be showcased as the valuable diamond of great worth you truly are. And the world will be a better place for it.


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