Find Your Seat

One of the remnants of my daughter and son-in-law's recent wedding was a sign my daughter created to hold the seating assignments for her guests. It was very country-cool, if you know what I mean. This sign had sentimental value to me, so instead of throwing it away, I put it in a spot in our backyard.

A month later, looking out the bathroom window, I saw that sign and it struck me. Find your seat. God wants us to find our seats. He wants us seated exactly where we belong; in His purpose, grace, and joy. 

I think many of us have seasons where we question our vocation, our calling, what we should be doing with our lives; the short lives we've been given. Some call this a mid-life crisis. I call it a quandary of calling. If we've been called to task, then it's only that task that will bring fulfillment to our lives. The only place of true rest is in the seat assigned to us by God.

But how do we know when we've found that seat? What signals us that we've arrived at our spot at the table of life? Well, for one thing, that seat will have our name on it; just like a place setting at a wedding. There's an expression, "that's got their name all over it," and I believe that expression applies here.

The thing that you're passionate about, the thing that holds your interest; what you're good at and what you love to do. That's got your name all over it. You carry the qualifications and others see it in you. That's got your name all over it.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying doing God's will for your life is a constant honeymoon, that would be very far from the truth. But the fact of the matter is, even though your place may be difficult at times, it will bring lasting fulfillment.

Know this, when finding your seat, you will also find opposition.

Finding our seat can mean taking a step into the unknown; it can meaning taking chances - and I'm talking about some big chances. The bottom line is, it can take a great amount of faith to leave what is comfortable behind to step into the unknown. And not everyone wants to see you find your seat. It can make some people feel uncomfortable. But that's OK, for them and for you.

You can know this, as you search for your seat, God will be sure to direct you to the right place. And if you do make a mistake, He will never leave you to deal with that mistake alone. You see, God knows you're stepping out in faith and He knows you have one desire - to find the seat He's reserved just for you.

There's a seat out there waiting just for you. Maybe you're already sitting there. Maybe you've already found it. Maybe you haven't started looking yet. We're all at different places in this great process; this great journey. Maybe you're about to take that journey and step out into the banquet hall. You feel awkward, you feel lost, you feel like all eyes are on you. That's OK. The eyes of the One who's opinion really matters are on you, and He sees your success.
He's got a seat set aside just for you.


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