They can remain silent for years; inactive for decades. They meld into our society and live undetected. Just like most others, they have every day jobs and occupy themselves with ordinary activity. Blending, learning, being a part. Highly unnoticed. Until that day comes; the day of activation. And then everything changes.

Mr. or Mrs. mild-mannered loses their milk-toast personality and trades it in for purpose and boldness. The ordinary is no longer ordinary and the daily grind becomes a daily mission. Around every corner is a hidden opportunity waiting. Every chance encounter holds the possibility of becoming a brush with destiny.

And who are these mysterious sleeper cells, these quiet ones who hide in our midst until their obscure calling and activation is alerted?

Well, it's you.

Know it or not, like it or not; you're not ordinary. You weren't made with average in mind and your purpose holds nothing less than spectacular. How do I know that? Because the One who made you created you with delight, not drudgery. Your blueprint was much more than a rainy day doodle. When He thought of you, words like marvelous, wonderful and fearfully made came to mind.

"But look at my life, it is less than spectacular." 

To that I can only say this, life is a process and so is growth. We are made ready, not born ready. Jesus, the Son of God, spent thirty years being trained and prepared for a short three year term. God takes His time, and His time usually outruns our patience.

You are being prepared, like a diamond under intense pressure, waiting for the quick journey to the surface; waiting for the time of its display of beauty. That's who you are; a diamond in the making, a spy waiting to be activated, a David being trained with the sheep. 

So, don't rush it, and don't give up on it. Your day of activation will come. And when it does, hold on. It's going to be quite a ride!



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