The Hurting Jesus

We walk this earth with those that hurt. Whether we realize it or not, the world is filled with the lonely; with those who suffer depression and carry rejected hearts. Pain in this world is unavoidable.

But there is a heart that is greater. There is One who looks on the suffering, but doesn't just stare or consider. He goes. He stoops. He reaches down. That's what God does. That's what Jesus did. He reached down to the hurting. He held the heart of the lonely one. He raised the dying. That's what He still does. 

We are never closer to Jesus than when we are with the least of these; when we are with those in need. When we speak words of comfort, hold a hand, or lend a listening ear, or look on with eyes of compassion and understanding, we are comforting Jesus; we hold His hand and hear His heart and see Him with empathy. We know the hurting Jesus.

Simply put, the downfall of this world is just an opportunity to bear and bring comfort. The depression, the loneliness, the hopelessness that flows from a fallen and broken world have a single remedy. Us. For we carry, in our hearts, His love. And this is a love that gives and goes and stays and understands. His love in us is a love that never fails.

This past week my 103 year old grandmother spent her last days in a hospital bed. But she was not alone. She was surrounded by friends and family. I was one of those who had the honor of being by her side. I had the honor to be with the hurting Jesus.

Never have I felt closer to Him.

His words echoed in my ears; when I was sick you visited me. When I was in the hospital bed, you sat in that thinly padded wooden chair. When I was afraid and confused in rehab, you were there to reassure me.

The opportunities surround us.

I got to spend my grandmother's last hours with her. But not only that, I got to spend time with Jesus.

My last words to my Nana were simple. I love you, Nana. I love you, Nana. I love you. Tell Jesus I said hi. And she responded (one of the last times she did), with expressive sounds that I believe were echoing back, I love you. Goodbye, Nana, you were an amazing woman and your legacy will live on through the lives you touched and the family you inspired.


  1. Sorry to hear about Nana. Love that she will see you again in heaven! You have a wonderful family & it's great to read about them!


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