He came in at the last minute seated in his fine-tuned Maserati GranTurismo with the speed and agility of leopard in the heat of the hunt. His name was Turner, and he was the only one to handle this delicate situation. As his convertible pulled a sideways screech onto the tarmac, he jumped out and rushed to the family being held at gunpoint. The villain, Dark Shine, stood ready to pull the trigger on his captives. But he'd never get the chance. Ryan Turner had arrived.

One kick to the gun and the family was saved. Another kick to the rib cage of Dark Shine and the villain was down. He'd done it again; come through when desperation and death were the only options in site. But then, before the grateful father could even thank Turner, he was gone - but not before calling the police to collect the garbage he had just disposed of. 

And that's the way Turner preferred to live; a man of action, glamour, and never ending adventure. He was a true hero.

But I'd beg to differ. (Spy action, hero story above has ended). 

Yes, I would like to bring a definition to the word hero that is probably contrary to the images we've been trained to conjure up when we hear that word. 

What is a hero? We are told they are those that live in the limelight, lives filled with every day excitement. Boredom is the kryptonite of any hero. Always on the go, with little commitment to those around them, but with ultimate dedication to the great task before them. And I think, that in many of us, there is a longing for this glorified life of a hero.

But what about the mom who is praying every night for her teenager? You know, the one who is struggling with boy troubles and being accepted at school. What about the dad who's seems to have lost the excitement in his marriage, yet stays faithful anyways until that storm blows over? What about the single parent that goes to work every day, fighting the sheer monotony of two jobs, just to keep her children safe and taken care of?

There are many others. Maybe you're one of them.

The father that stopped drinking. The mother that quit drugs. The teenage girl that decided her free choice would be to save a life. The friend that stays on the phone with his buddy at 2 AM talking him through the breakup and convincing him not to end it all. The doctor that battles the medical bureaucracy to provide true care to his patients. All of those who day in and day out, love those around them; receiving little recognition, and few thanks.

What about those?

Well, I would say those are the real heroes. The faithful, the consistent, the loving. A real hero is not someone who sweeps in and saves the day. A real hero is a hero every day. 

Maybe you've failed at being the hero you know you should be. Or maybe someone who should have been a hero in your life left or failed you. I'd like to pray for you. I will be praying for you. I wan't you to know, there are openings now for heroes. Will you apply? Will you fill that position? Will you be a hero?


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