His Name Is Love
When you think of the characteristics of Love, what are some of the things you think of? What words come to mind? What situations flood your your thoughts as you think of the times you've seen love on display? 

A few days ago I found myself thinking about Love; what it acts like, what it does, how it is recognized. Here are some of the attributes that came to mind. You might agree with some of them:

Love searches for and pursues even when it is being ignored.
Love lays down its life for someone else. With love, others come first.
Love teaches and instructs; patiently.
Love will go the distance, no matter how inconvenient or difficult.
Love forgives.
Love shows compassion without compromise; shows mercy without forsaking justice.

Nothing is more able than Love. Its power can break through any situation, crash through space and time. Nothing can stop real love.

Now replace the idea of love being a concept, a thing, with the thought of love being a person. Who comes to your mind? Who pursues us even in our distance and complacency? Who lays down his life for us and leaves heavenly comfort and security to touch us? Who walks in our shoes and teaches us with all the wisdom of the universe? Who has gone the distance for us, not even considering the discomfort? Who forgives, has compassion, and shows mercy?

Who made the ultimate show of the grandeur of love by taking an impossible situation and making it possible? Who took the brokenness, sin, and failure that separated us from the heart of a loving heavenly Father and threw it in the face of death, and screamed "No more!"?

His name is Jesus, and he is love.

He is the one that death could not keep captive. He is the one given to show us true love. 


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