Today I'm very happy to have a guest blogger, my wife. This is a word that God dropped into her heart last Sunday. I believe it will encourage, comfort, and even inspire you. Here is what God spoke to her heart:

I recieved a vision of a flower, and of God's love pouring out like rain. And all that we need to do is to face the rain; to let it soak into the dry places - the places that need moisture and nutrients. All we need to do face into the sun and into the rain.

The flower cannot cause itself to grow or bloom. It doesn't choose where it is planted, it doesn't choose the seasons, when it rains or what is around it. It simply does what it was made to do: grow without worry or work.

We are like the flower, except that at times we try to "help" the process along. Sometimes we think we need the sun when there hasn't been any sun. So we create a "sun lamp". Sometimes we think we need rain when there hasn't been any rain. So we look to other sources of moisture. And sometimes we decide we shouldnt be planted where we are. It doesn't seem right, or we don't like what is around us. So we try to transplant; and in doing so, we cause damage instead of seeing the growth we desire and intend.

Grow where you are planted. Just stretch out and receive His rain when He pours it out. Receive the sun when it shines. Receive the cold and seeming death of winter and trust that it is deigned for your good as well. Trust that spring is coming. 

Stretch out and focus on Him ...

These pictures were taken at the beach at Cape Cod, which is highly appropriate given that my wife Nichole loves the beach.


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