Sometimes our lives are like peppercorns. A peppercorn is formed. And in that formation, not much seems to be going on. It becomes a little black ball. But crush that peppercorn, activate it, and a flavor explosion happens. Like a sleeper cell; that's what we are. Prepared for action, but not in action yet.

Don't let discouragement settle in. You're not finished yet. God has plans.

Look at Moses. Being unknowingly trained to shepherd the people of God. In the wilderness. Raising a family. Doing the business of life. Getting on with things. It seemed he had had his chance. He was a prince of Egypt, after all; fallen from his high position. Cast down. But what he really was, was a sleeper. Readied for activation.

Just like a sleeper cell. You're CIA material. Espionage and excitement are in your DNA. So, we lay dormant; waiting for the call to awake. Awake sleeper! In His time, He will call us into our mission. But for now, we may have small missions; small compared to the great things He has prepared for us. So do not be discouraged. Be excited! Be obedient.

All your silent training will come to use. Greater things are going on inside of you than you realize. Silent training. Don't fight it. Don't try to escape it. You know what I mean; the trials, the difficulties. They serve a greater purpose - to make you a better man, a better woman. Wait patiently on the Lord. He will come, He will rescue, He will fulfill.

His pen has been put to your life. Even now, He is writing your story. He is Father Author. It's never too late. Published. Your story will be published and it will be great. But for now, wait. Hope in the Lord, trust in the Lord. There is growth in your waiting. Your time comes ...


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