For Healing

We are in the process of being healed. He heals us because He loves us. But our healing also affects others. Greatly. Our healing can change the atmosphere around us; pick it up.

A man healed of insecurity and dependency on the external for his joy and acceptance reflects confidence and stability. A woman healed of the abuses of her past shines compassion, strength, and understanding. We all have valuable gifts to share and our healings are the wings on which those gifts are carried.

So don't feel selfish for asking for your heart-healing; even seek it. You'll make the world a better place as your healing comes. Things change when a person is healed.

Our healings can be painful and take time. They can also be quick and soon. But whether a heart-healing is instantaneous or whether it is a long-term journey, every healing is miraculous.

What is the healing you desire?

- Freedom from fear or rejection?
- The restoration of a guilty soul?
- Healing from past spiritual abuses?
- The repair of broken relationships and restored intimacy?
- The healing of a heart wounded by an upbringing lacking love and assurance?

Whatever it is you desire, Jesus is the healer and He came to heal the broken; to bind us up. He made us, He understands us, and that is what He does; like no one else. No one else can bring healing like Jesus. He'll use words, He'll use people. He'll touch miraculously by His Spirit. He knows you. He made you, and He knows how to heal you. So, let Him.

I am the Lord, your healer, and when you ask for good, I do not return evil. When you ask for mercy, I do not bring hatred. I am the Lord, and I am the Lord your healer.


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