Treasured Possession

God chose Israel as His treasured possession. - Psalm 135:4

Great art is not supposed to be used as a commonplace item. Can you picture the Mona Lisa being used casually as a serving tray? Or the sculpture of David by Michelangelo as a coat-rack with scarves and windbreakers strewn all over it? Picture a rare Ming vase being used to serve summer cool-aid. Ridiculous. Out of place. Nonsensical.

Commonness avoids such great works. And commonness avoids you because that is what you are - a great work of art.

Scripture shows us that God has placed a great value on us, much like the value we would place on a great work of art. So much so, that He was willing to pay any price to purchase us. In the story of life, we were stolen by an evil art thief. With single caper, he took what was most valuable to our Maker - us. And that thief has tried to diminish our value through the centuries via wars, self-deprecation, suicide, low self-esteem; this list goes on and on.

But we are not worthless. We are great works of art; and the Father has confirmed that by giving all He had to purchase us back. We were worth it all to Him. Jesus came to save us; and in that act of great love, proved how valuable we are to Him. Priceless. Invaluable. Inestimable. Precious. A treasured possession, now in His hands of care.

That is what you are. Have no doubt. He gave His all because you were worth it.

So, what is the purpose of art? Do we put it to work as a coat-rack or coaster? Does it serve us to keep the fire going or hold our beverages? 

No. Great art is to be enjoyed. And your Father simply wants to enjoy you. He does enjoy you. He takes great pleasure in putting you on display. He loves to take a seat and simply sit and admire your beauty. Because that's what you are to Him - a great and beautiful work of art.

Be enjoyed.

(This great art by Audrey Furcinitti)


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