I have heard that as we grow older, our thirst lessens. We  lose the natural drive to keep hydrated. What once was automatic now must become habit if we are going to keep from being dehydrated. And so it is in the spiritual realm.

We must take the time to take a drink from the Living Water. Perhaps it's seasonal. Our desire for Him diminishes. And so we must come to the realization that our time with Him must be by appointment and not "natural" desire. 

It's easy to put aside our time with God. Life gets busy. But as David said, "My heart and my flesh cry out for You, the Living God." No matter how we may feel, the fact remains - we thirst for Him. We must drink.

Some seasons necessitate this; disciplined to drink. It's not an indication of our spiritual condition necessarily; it's more likely life getting in the way, crowding Him out, keeping us too busy.

He invites us; come, all who are thirsty. A reminder. we need to drink deeply. As I continue to walk with Him, the romance and emotion of my faith fade. Struggles come. Wanderings, waverings. But now I see my constant need for Him; the need to drink deeply, often.

A morning without prayer calls for a desert of a day. Oh, how we need to be in constant connection with Him. Daily manna. Give us this day our daily bread. Daily. Time spent in His presence is time well spent. And when you do so, you have chosen the good part.

So whether you feel it or not, drink. For one drink will ignite thirst in your soul for more and soon you'll find yourself enjoying the richness of His presence - His grace, mercy, and love flowing to your soul.

(Photography by H.G. Furcinitti)


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